Upon entering Mafia Bir Café, you will be transported to a world of classic Gangster movies. The walls are decorated with iconic images of famous mobsters, and the seating area is designed to create an intimate yet thrilling atmosphere.

The café’s decor blends rustic charm with modern aesthetics, making it a perfect spot for casual hangouts and special celebrations.

Quick Information about Mafia Cafe

1Opening and Closing Hours09:00 AM to 11:00 PM (Monday to Sunday)
2Last Order Timing10:30 PM
3Contact Number+91 7560011022
4FoodSnacks and beverages
5Live Music7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
6Vegetarian OptionsVeg & non-veg
7Amenities and FacilitiesHigh Chair, Wi-Fi, Takeaway, Games, Hookahs, and Snooker
8Take AwayYes
9Home DeliveryWithin 3 Km
Quick information

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Mafia Bir Café Location, Ambiance, and Parking

Mafia Bir Café Location

Mafia Bir Café is located in the picturesque town of Bir Billing in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. The Mafia Café is only 300 meters from the paragliding landing site area. Cafe House offers an ideal location for travelers exploring the area. Drop in for a quick bite after Paragliding in Bir Billing or plan a relaxing evening with friends. The café’s strategic location makes it an ideal choice.


Mafia Café was established in 2018. Upon entering Mafia Café, you will be transported to a world reminiscent of classic gangster movies. The walls are decorated with iconic images of famous mobsters. The seating area is designed to create an intimate yet thrilling atmosphere. The café’s decor blends rustic charm with modern aesthetics, making it a perfect spot for casual hangouts and special celebrations in Bir Billing.

The café offers indoor seating on the ground floor and opens to a terrace where you can enjoy food, hookah, live music, tea gardens, paragliding, and sunset views. Some rooftop seating tables have been made on old Bajaj scooters, in which the seating style looks unique.

Mafia Bir Parking

There is no parking at the cafe. You can park your two-wheeler and four-wheeler outside on the road at your own risk.

Paid parking is available 50 meters from the restaurant for Rs 50 daily. Parking may rarely be free between the middle of the day and after 8 pm. It depends on your luck.

Special Features of Mafia Bir Café

(1) Live Music:

Enjoy live performances by local artists, adding a melodic touch to your evening. Live Music starts at 7:00 P.m. and ends at 10:00 P.m. every Monday to Sunday.

(2) Game Nights:

Participate in fun game nights to test your skills and compete with friends.

(3) Terrace Seating

The cafe also offers a cozy terrace seating area, allowing you to enjoy the scenic beauty of, the tea garden, Paragliding, and golden Sun set in Bir Billing while you dine.

Mafia Bir Café Review

Mafia Cafe Bir Billing has a 4.3 rating on Google Maps with 1,107 reviews. Most reviewers have given it a 5-star rating for the delicious food, friendly staff, and positive ambiance. Some reviewers have given 1-to-4-star ratings due to late services during busy hours.

Hence, it is advisable to visit this cafe before 7:00 pm and book your table to get quality and prompt services in peak season and on weekends.

Mafia Bir Menu

Mafia Cafe offers a diverse menu that caters to a wide range of tastes. From delectable Italian dishes to hearty Indian meals, there is something for everyone.



No.Veg SoupsPrice
1Veg Hot N Sour90
2Sweet Corn100
3Veg Manchow120
No.Non-Veg SoupsPrice
4Chicken Sweet Corn140
5Chicken Clear Soup120
6Chicken Manchow150


No.Veg StarterPrice
7Honey Chilli Potato180
8Cheese Chilli210/300
9Mushroom Chilli200/300
10Mushroom Kurkure200
12Chilli Potato220
13Crispy Corn (Salt/Pepper)230
No.Non-Veg StarterPrice
14Chilli Chicken250/400
15Chicken Strips400
16Chicken Wings400
17Crumb Fried Fish600


18Veg Noodle140
19Hakka Noodle120
20Chilli Garlic200
21Paneer Noodle180
22Egg Noodle140
23Chicken Hakka Noodle250
24Chicken Noodle250


25Paneer Fried Rice180
26Veg Fried Rice150
27Chilli Garlic Fried Rice200
28Egg Fried Rice160
29Chicken Fried Rice230

Italian Manu


2Cheese & Tomato300450600
3Mexican Vegetarian380520600
4Indian Hot380520600
5Veggie Five Star380520600
7Veggie Feast380520600
8Paneer Golden Delight380520600
9Tandoori Paneer380520600
10Chicken Tikka (Non-Veg)380550600
11Chicken Golden Delight (Non-Veg)380550600
12Chicken Feast (Non-Veg)380550600
13Chicken Spicy Sausage (Non-Veg)380550600
14Chicken Mexican (Non-Veg)380550600
15Chicken Supremo (Non-Veg)380550600
16MAFIA Special Pizza (Veg)900
17MAFIA Special Pizza (Non-Veg)1200

Garlic Bread & Calzone

18Veg Stuffed Garlic Bread280
19Non-Veg Stuffed Garlic Bread320
20Veg Calzone450
21Meat Calzone600


22Veg Wrap120
23Paneer Wrap160
24Chicken Wrap170
25Chicken Peri Peri Wrap180

Crunchy Bite

26Plain Fries90
27Masala Fries100
28Peri Peri Fries120
29Cheese Fries180
30Cheese Peri Peri Fries200

Burgers – Veg

31Crispy Potato80120
32Garden Fresh100140
33Pot Cheese150180
34Atomic Burger250

Burgers – Non-Veg

35Chicken n Lick Burger140180
36Ham Burger140180
37Meat & Greet200250


41Pesto Pasta280
42Mix Sauce300
43Chicken Bechamel350

Rotisserie Chicken

No.Chicken ItemSmallLarge
1Tandoori Chicken280500
2Mexican Chicken300500
3Peri Peri Chicken300500
4Jamaican Chicken300500
5Pesto Chicken300500
6MAFIA Rotisserie Chicken800

Basha Fish & Prawns

1Fish Pakoda600
2Special Crispy Fish600
3Crispy Prawns600
4Prawn Chilli600
5Prawn Butter Garlic600

Veg Starters Indian

1Paneer Tikka450
2Mushroom Tikka430
3Paneer Malai Tikka490
4Mushroom Malai Tikka480
5Tandoori Soya Champ440
6Tandoori Malai Soya Champ470

Non-Veg Starters Indian

1Tandoori Chicken590
2Chicken Tikka550
3Chicken Malai Tikka580
4Chicken Seekh Kebab550
5Kalmi Kebab550


1Green Salad120
2Onion Salad60
3Russian Salad200
4Cucumber Salad80
5Egg Salad200
6Chicken Salad250


1Brownie with Chocolate Syrup70
2Chocolate Brownie with hot Chocolate Fudge100
3Brownie with Ice Cream130
4Gulab Jamun80


1Sexy Strawberry150
2Black Currant150
4Lovely Butterscotch150
5Hunk Chocolate160
6Banana Shake150
12Crunchy Oreo180


1Virgin Mojito150
2Blue Lemonade150
4Passion Fruit150
7Spicy Lemonade150
8Spicy Mango150
9Chilly Guava150
10Bubble Gum150
12Blood Orange160
13Black Currant180



Mint Double, Apple, Strawberry, Watermelon, Grape, and Peach hookah flavors are available in Mafia Cafe.

1000 Rs for 1 Hour.


Prices listed are subject to change without prior notice. While we strive to maintain accurate and up-to-date pricing on our menu, fluctuations in ingredient costs and market conditions may necessitate adjustments.

Please confirm current prices with your server when placing your order. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to serving you delicious meals at [Mafia Cafe].


Mafia Cafe in Bir Billing is more than just a place to eat; it’s an experience that combines great food, an intriguing ambiance, and a touch of adventure. Whether you’re a resident or a tourist, visiting this cafe promises a memorable time filled with delicious Flavors and a unique atmosphere.

Frequent Ask Question

Does Mafia Bir has high chairs?

Yes. Mafia Bir has a high chairs facility.

Are pet dogs allowed inside the Mafia Bir Cafe?

Yes, pets are allowed inside the Mafia Bir Cafe.

Does Mafia Bir Cafe accept reservations?

Yes, Mafia Bir Cafe accepts reservations. For more information, you can contact +91 7560011022.

Does Mafia Cafe accept Online payment?

Yes, Mafia Cafe accepts online payments through UPI.

Does Mafia Bir have live music?

Yes, Live Music starts from 7:00 P.m. to 10:00 P.m. in Mafia Bir.

Is there a wheelchair-accessible entrance here?