Bir Billing Paragliding Booking Cost | Price @Rs.2499 Per Person

Paragliding in Bir Billing Booking

Paragliding in Bir Billing Booking (Online Tentative and Advance Booking for Tandem Paragliding) Guests can select any option according to their convenience. Bir Billing Paragliding online booking costs stats from around INR 500 per person. Which is Refundable if you are not able to do Paragliding in Bir Billing. We always put our clients’ paragliding flying satisfaction first, which is why we give you the most flying time possible. The normal tandem flying costs INR 2,499 per person for 10 to 15 min fly onwards. Call for any inquiry  at +91-9736125525.
Bir Billing Paragliding is closed in the rainy season between July 15 to September 15 according to the weather condition. If there is any VIP or VVIP movement, Paragliding will also be stopped due to no-fly zone instructions.
The Best Time for Paragliding in Bir Billing  is October to Mid December, because this time Wind remains calm and a little worm helps the paraglider to fly higher and for a long time. All the mazer Paragliding Championships are held these months. Although all the remaining months are perfect for Paragliding.  
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Best time for paragliding in Bir Billing
Paragliding in Bir Billing

We assure you to provide the best Paragliding rates in Bir Billing.

These Packages of tandem Paragliding in Bir Billing include

Notes:- Kindly decide the package of flying before booking.

This package includes two types of paragliding bookings in Bir Billing. Guests can select any option according to their convenience.

Tentative Booking

In a tentative booking, we only ask for the number of guests, their arrival day, and a convenient time for Paragliding. A paraglider will be arranged when the guest arrives at the location. If you have enough time, then you can choose a tentative booking.

Advance Booking
Guests must pay 500 rupees in advance for confirmation of their reservation. For the confirmed booking, guests will get a reserved paraglider, which helps the guest save time. Because paragliding can take 2 or 3 hours to perform the whole activity, if the guest is not able to do paragliding, the amount will be refundable. Kindly visit our policy page for more information.

We also provide paragliding training for Beginners.

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