Paragliding in Bir Billing | Paragliding booking cancelation policy.

Cancellation Policy

If Client reached at the point of take off site (Billing) or on the way and he want to cancel his ride due to any reason all of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fee.

Refund Policy

We always give priority to our Clients. They can cancel his booking for paragliding in Bir Billing any time or before going to take off side. The entire booking amount is refundable within 3 days.

Rescheduling Policy

Due to any reason if Client is not able to fly at the same day. They can reschedule his flying.

Paragliding is weather based hence client & operator will not blame each other in case activity stops.

lease Co-operates with each other & makes patience. 

paraglider taking off from bir billing
Bir Billing take off site